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"Their enthusiasm for the learning experience was just infectious. The whole experience left me wanting more."

—Jason Adamek

"I can learn any of this technology now!"

—Jack Van Natta, MBA

"This experience has been incredible and with incredible people!"

—Brie Lindstrom, MS

"The best training I have ever received in my entire life."

—James Brown

Who We Are

TechGarden provides team building and community empowerment through hands-on technology training.

By providing training through hands-on multidisciplinary projects that result in functioning prototypes, TechGarden empowers kids, teens and adults to embrace technology and acquire technical problem-solving skills.

Our Founders

Brad Halsey

Brad Halsey

CEO and Founder
Brad is at his best solving, or teaching others to solve, the hardest, most important, and the most time-critical technical problems out there. As the CEO of TechGarden, Brad Halsey draws on his experience in Afghanistan managing the US Army's Rapid Equipping Force (REF) and the UK. Expeditionary Engineering programs.
Dr. Albert Vega

Dr. Albert Vega

With a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Purdue University and a technical background in optics and semiconductor fabrication, Dr. Albert Vega has spent the last three years performing rapid prototyping and product development for the Department of Defense/US Army Rapid Equipping Force.

What We Do

TechGarden offers community education, hands-on learning experiences, workshops, and lab space.

Where We Are

TechGarden’s mobile technology and engineering lab brings the science to you!

Catch up with us at one of our upcoming events,find us on the map below, or read more about our mobile lab.

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