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Join Tech Garden for our interactive weekly series as we create tech solutions to fun and challenging missions. Our unique, online live streaming format brings the workshop to you and real time chat allows you to interact with our experts instantly as you need it!

Streams take place on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30am-12pm EST at Anyone can tune in at any time during the stream!  Sign up for a free account on so you can ask questions and post comments!




Week 1 Cardboard
Week 5 Tech Garden Seed Pack
Week 2 Wine/drinking glasses
Measuring cup
Week 6 Tech Garden Seed Pack
Week 3 Cardboard Box (about 12″ x 24″)
Packers/duct tape
Extra cardboard for different apertures
Candle or plastic cups
Measuring tape
Week 7 Tech Garden Seed Pack
Week 4 Syringes (4 +) amazon
Plastic Tubing (5 ft +) amazon
Cardboard (large box)
1 roll duct tape
Week 8 Tech Garden Seed Pack


Tech Garden Seed Pack ($199)

Want to build some cool things yourself? This Seed Pack comes with essential prototyping materials and components to make hundreds of amazing tech solutions. 

Great for teachers, parents, kids, and the tech-curious. Heard about Arduino but know nothing about it? This Seed Pack and our online content will make you micro controller savvy. You can start learning as soon as you open the box!

The Seed Pack comes with: 
-Arduino-programmable micro-controller 
-LCD Display 
-RGB LED Strip 
-RGB LED Ring 
-Ultrasonic Sensor 
-Soil Moisture Sensor 
-Rain Sensor 
-Motion Detector 
-Servo X 2 
-Temperature and Humidity Sensor 
-Jumper Wires 
-10 LEDs (various colors) 
-10 Resistors 
-USB Cable 
-AA Battery Holder (6 AA batteries not included)

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