We teach problem solving
Using methods proven on the battlefield

TechGarden provides team building and community empowerment through hands-on technology training.

Established in 2016 by the founders of Building Momentum, a veteran-owned consulting company, TechGarden teaches science, engineering and technology development through challenge-focused and objective-driven instruction.

By providing training through hands-on multidisciplinary projects that result in functioning prototypes, TechGarden empowers kids, teens and adults to embrace technology and acquire technical problem-solving skills.

Drawing on military backgrounds and time spent prototyping technologies during dangerous conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan, TechGarden founders Brad Halsey and Dr. Albert Vega honed training techniques designed to quickly and effectively solve urgent problems. Applying those methods to TechGardens focus on teaching allows anyone even those with no science or engineering familiarity to experience the joy of building technology projects.

TechGarden strives to inspire enthusiasm for learning through doing in students of all ages and communities, and allows them to embrace emerging technologies and explore a previously intimidating world.

Meet our Team

Brad Halsey and Dr. Albert Vega co-founded TechGarden toinspire enthusiasm for learning through doing.

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